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Garden Beds NJ: we build and deliver garden bed frames to Hunterdon, Morris and Warren Counties - all north and central NJ

New to gardening or just need more info on planting in Zone 6?

We just launched our Complete Beginner's E-Guide to Organic Gardening in NJ Zone 6!

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Searching for NJ zone 6-specific planting instructions for common garden plants?

Here, we covers all the basics for each plant: planting dates, spacing, watering, fertilization, pest and disease control, harvesting and storage. Buy now, to store on your computer for handy reference any time.

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4 seasons lawn care

For a free estimate on framed garden bed creation and delivery, call 4 Seasons Lawn Care at 908 783 5733 and ask for Mike Hyde.

Or, email us at

Love to grow a garden, but hate setting up the raised beds?

Let us do all the work so you can get to the fun part... planting those veggies and herbs! custom-builds, delivers and installs framed, raised garden bed layouts to customers throughout Northern and Central NJ as well as Northeast PA.

We also post NJ zone 6-specific organic gardening tips on our website. Sign up for our newsletter to catch the latest news, articles and offers!

Install Garden Beds This Fall, Be Ready for Planting in Spring 2017!

Call Mike at 908 783 5733 or email for a quote and to get on our FALL 2016 garden bed schedule today.

We use ONLY non pressure-treated lumber to build our garden bed frames!

Services we offer:

Picking up all necessary supplies
Assembling the wood frame structure
Delivering the garden bed frame to your home or office
Installing the garden bed frame/ground prep/adding topsoil
Arranging multiple garden beds over a large area
Adding gravel around and in between beds
Adding a simple fence to keep deer out

Contact us for more information: 908 783 5733 or email today!



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