We build and deliver garden bed frames to Hunterdon, Warren, Morris County, NJ & Northampton County, PA.

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Get on Our List! NJ Garden Bed Installation for Fall 2016

Thinking that you'd like to get serious about gardening next spring?

Did you miss your chance at having a lush garden full of wonderful, colorful and healthy veggies and herbs?

Ensure success for your 2017 spring garden – prep your garden beds this fall!

Garden Beds NJ is taking orders for cedar-framed garden bed delivery and installation in the months of September, October, and November 2016.

Give Mike a call at 908 783 5733 with your vision for a pleasing arrangement of garden beds full of nutrient-rich organic soil.

Pick and Choose Your Service

We tailor our work around your needs and budget. This means you have choices - anything from simple delivery of a couple of cedar wood garden bed frames, to a complete garden bed design with multiple framed beds, gravel paths, deer fencing and a border of shrubbery.

We will work with you to lay the best plans for your spring 2017 garden!

Give Mike a call to get on our fall garden prep schedule: 908 783 5733.

Let us help you make a garden that's great!



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