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Controlling Weeds in Your Organic Garden

Chemical-Free Pest Control for Your NJ Organic Garden

Grow Better Tomatoes by Amending the Soil

"Winter Sowing Works" Amazon Kindle Book from Bohemian Reflections

Enjoy a Discounted Price on Our Newest E-Guide... Growing Herbs in NJ Zone 6

Determinate vs. Indeterminate Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes from Seed

Buying Good Garden Soil in Hunterdon, NJ

What Type of Soil is Right for My Raised Garden Beds?

Growing Tomatoes for Sauce

NJ Tomato Growing: Organic Control of Aphids, Stink Bugs and Fruit Worms

Homemade, Home-Canned Salsa - Instructions and Recipe

NEW E-GUIDE! Preserving the Harvest: How to Can, Freeze, Pickle, Dehydrate and Cold-Store

Growing Garlic in NJ

NJ Garden Bed Installation for Fall 2016

Gardening Shortcut: How to Plant Your Fall Vegetables in 2 Hours or Less

What is Direct Sowing? Best Garden Plants to Direct Sow in Your Garden

5 Common Gardening Mistakes

What does Kale look like? (Kale vs. Collards vs. Swiss Chard)

Customer Testimonials - Gardening E-Guide and Garden Bed Installation

6 Quick Tips for Gardening Without the Use of Chemical Fertilizers or Pesticides

NJ Zone 6 Organic Gardening Guide Teaches New Gardeners How to Grow Their Own Dinner

Words from Happy Customers

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Thanks so much for the planting guide! :)
I will def send photos once I plant my garden!!!


"I'm enjoying the ebook; the information is clear and written for novice gardeners as myself. It has answered quite a few of my questions in the short time that I have been reading. It truly is a lovely treasure! Thank you, again!"


"So far the guide is great! It is answering all of the questions I've had in my head! Thank you!!!"

"OMG I LOVE IT! Such an amazing information filled book!" – Shannon Mulligan Mayernik

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"I was able to download no problem. It's a great resource."

Doug Wilson


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