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What is a bumper crop?

I found out recently that we have been using the term "bumper crop" incorrectly on this website. I looked up the term on Wikipedia, and learned that it refers to an unusually large harvest.

Previously I had said things like "We're going to have a bumper crop of lettuce" (meaning, I planted a second grouping of lettuces at the end of the growing season – so, we harvest lettuce once in May and June, and again in September and October.)

After some additional online exploration for use of the term "bumper crop" in gardening, it seems to mean the type of harvest that leads to overflowing baskets. So in this case, I guess we did not have a bumper crop after all.

Have you any good examples of bumper crops? How have you used this term in context? Your stories are appreciated – comment about your bumper crop on our Facebook page!



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