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Winter Sowing Guide for NJ Gardeners - Now Available on Amazon Kindle


Ever wondered if it's possible to sow garden seeds in the dead of winter, and actually get your NJ garden vegetables to grow?

Gardening expert Amy Jo Garner of Bohemian Reflections has developed an instructional gardening guide to help you master this innovative gardening method geared toward sustainable living. 


Why Sow Garden Seeds in the Winter?

Winter sowing results in higher germination rates. This is because the seeds have taken their lumps from Mother Nature, survived and lived to tell about it.

Winter sown plants are hardier. Unlike seeds coddled indoors under grow lights, these plants have learned to tough it out in extreme temperatures. Winter sown plants stand up to disease and varying conditions later on in the season.

Winter-sown seeds need only a few simple measures of protection. Amy's guide illustrates these creative methods in detail so you can grow seeds that survive and thrive.

No need to harden off your winter-sown plants. Thanks to nature doing its thing, these mighty miracles have already been exposed to the elements and persevered.

Winter sowing is a task that you can master in your quest for an "off the grid" lifestyle. Attain sustainability and self-sufficiency because you know how to cultivate the most resilient of garden plants.

Winter sowing is simple and effective. Winter sowing is actually easier than traditional seed starting as we know it. Less steps, more of what nature does naturally.

Garden seeds cost less than plants. A single pack of seeds that costs a few dollars contains potentially hundreds of plants that you can grow for several years while the seeds remain viable.

Garden seeds offer much more variety. If you select from an exceptional source, there are tons of exciting cultivars to choose from.

Grab Your Copy of Winter Sowing Works - Now Available on Amazon Kindle at an introductory price of 99 cents!

In this 21-page instructional guide on the "winter sowing" method of sustainable gardening, Amy Jo Garner takes you through the joyfully simple and highly productive methods she uses to cultivate beautiful spring and summer garden plants in the cold winter months.

This is a simple and straightforward publication that will give you the basics of what you need to start winter garden seeds in your own backyard, and how to execute Amy's methods correctly.

Order today on Amazon Kindle, for just $.99!

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